Destinee & Seth, Privileged Lovers at Villa Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara

By October 16, 2012Weddings

Epic glamour and beauty only scratches the surface. With Destinee, her beauty is buoyant. Her explosion of joy when she sees the chandeliers hung, when Seth responds to her desire, when her cousin and best friend stretches herself to share with the whole wedding how much she loves and admires Dest, when she discovers a yoga class she loves – it lifts up everyone in her presence. It is her gift to the world, her willingness and commitment to open in love and beauty. Seth is the perfect match for her – it equal proportion to her openness and beauty is his strength and willingness to be a structure for her to shine brighter and be freer. Essentially insuring his continued growth and freedom.


During their wedding ceremony at Villa Camino Cielo, officiated by their mentor, Erwan Davon, Seth’s sister read the following Rumi poem. It was the first I had heard it and like Rumi poems are wont to do – my heart burst open. This time, however, it was not simply the poem but how perfectly the last two stanzas suited Seth & Destinee, suited these two lovers  –


They are the chosen ones

ho have surrendered.

Once they were particles of light

now they are the radiant sun.

They have left behind the world of deceitful games

They are the privileged lovers

who create a world

with their eyes of fiery passion.