Melissa and Ian Madly in LOVE!

By August 16, 2012Madly in Love

It’s a miracle that my particular version of genius has landed me in this career. Each time I’m with a couple witnessing and encouraging their love I’m ecstatic. I come back to my studio, cull through our images and have chills half the time because I somehow by the grace of god captured it. Joy, tenderness, play, devotion all right there captured!  It’s obvious in their first photo, their particular flavor of love; adoration rich with fun, passion and play. Ian and Melissa are equal parts stylish, smart and attractive as they are playful, goofy and in love. You’ll see all of it here – buckets of play and softness. Ian cares for Melissa in sweet considerate unexpected ways and no doubt when Melissa responds with a smile that beams as brightly as any I’ve seen. There is so much joy between them that at one point we were asked by a neighbor to keep it down. That is exactly the type of trouble I want to be in. Thanks for being troublemakers in the best possible way and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my genius with you! Enjoy!