Meant to be – Iva and Nick at Julia Morgan Ballroom

By August 4, 2012Weddings

If you were familiar with the the Judaic tradition and you heard the love story of Iva and Nick , you’d respond with one of our favorite terms “Oh, they are Basheret” you would say, meaning they are meant to be. But you wouldn’t stop there. You would meet their families and not know who belonged to which side because the ease with which they come together and you would think “Basheret”. Then Iva would tell you about her devoted older sister who is not only a talented baker working with Cake Coquette, she’s also a thoughtful wedding planner and excited to create an amazing cake and a perfect wedding day for her- “Basheret” and then Nick would tell you that his dad is a longtime executive and friend with Wolfgang Puck and that he will be handling the catering and you can’t help but think “Basheret”. I know I’m stretching here and if my Rabbi were to read this, she would likely school me on the essential meaning of the term – true love, destined love, the kind of love we tell stories about. That is the great beauty of Iva and Nick’s love, it encompasses not only the two of them but their family and friends as well. It is not without utter and constant gratitude that I realize the opportunity I have to witness and capture such a powerful circle of love is a gift of God. Is it basheret for me? I think so. Take a look at Iva and Nick’s Wedding at Julia Morgan Ballroom and you tell me.