Llamas and Love at Masha and Francisco’s Sebastopol Wedding

By July 28, 2012Weddings

Be forewarned that it is likely you will have to re-calibrate your monitor after viewing this post – Masha, the bride is beaming so brightly in each moment that I’m not sure technology has been developed to handle it. Fortunately her husband, Francisco, can and is partially responsible.  Having the sweet pleasure of knowing Masha before she met Francisco, I can attest that she had a bright and soft sweetness to her from the start of their romance. Here is the part that gives me chills – Francisco is a genius and a rock and committed to fulfilling Masha’s desires beyond her wildest imagination and each time he does she grows brighter and more beautiful. Masha and Francisco, there is no doubt that together you both will continue to grow brighter, stronger, bolder and if there was one wish I could make on behalf of the world it is that you continue to reveal the way you love as an inspiration for all. In utter joy and love, ENJOY!