Lena & Andreas at The Mountain Home Inn

By July 20, 2012Weddings

I thought it would be fun to share about the neurochemistry of love in this blog, Andreas, the groom completing his Post-grad on the subject at Stanford. What I found was much less inspiring than I had hoped, mostly talk of oxytocin and dopamine, estrogen and seratonin. Although I’m fascinated by the mechanics of the brain and how it functions and reacts to certain experiences, situation, when it comes to love I look to the creative sciences, Rumi, Mumford and Sons, Shakespeare. A good friend and man that I’ve had the privilege of falling in love with described it as “a feeling of wholeness and an experience of dwelling within the complete positive regard of another.” It’s exquisite and delicious and brings joy not only to those in the throes of it but to those all around.

Andreas and Lena experiencing your love was such a sweet gift and one that I see as positively inspiring and effecting all those around you. ENJOY!