Bryan & Jennifer!!!!

By June 30, 2012Weddings

Two days before Bryan and Jennifer’s wedding I learnt the translation of an ancient Aramaic incantation. I was having lunch with Mark Morford and he had the transliteration on his t-shirt. I know the word, you do too – we have seen it, used it, heard it hundreds of times. I’d never known the translation and I’ll get to it in a minute but right now I want you to know how this is relevant to Bryan, Jennifer & their wedding.

If you know Bryan and Jennifer personally you know that being friends with them is like being friends with Magic itself, every thing they think or speak comes to life in ways that exceed all conventional imagination.

Imagine having a divine frequency sonar that could pick up the vibration under every  word, thought, belief we emit and that the sonar would translate it into language we could understand. I’m certain you would hear this very Aramaic incantation, the one that means “with these words, let it be so” repeated over and over again when you were in the company of these two.

Bryan and Jennifer, let your marriage, your devotion and your commitment to freedom inspire Humanity to experience the limitless potential and full impact of Love itself.  May your beauty and brilliance inspire our collective greatness and transcend the world into a Golden Age. May I always have the honor of calling you my dearest friends. Abracadabra.