Krista and Daniel Madly in Wedding

By June 16, 2012Weddings

I think of myself as a researcher of being Madly in Love and part of my commitment to creating a structure for my clients to experience the full impact of Love on their wedding day includes me asking questions that help me understand how they love, what they are most looking forward to having experienced on their wedding day and what they love most about one another. On the morning of Krista and Daniel’s San Francisco Wedding, I asked Krista what she was looking forward to and what she said still gives me those delicious “oh yes, this is madly in Love” chills. Given all the beautiful details of this day, ceremony at the historic Cavalry Presbyterian Church on Fillmore, reception at one of my favorite spots, The San Francisco City Club and a dress that was beyond breathtaking, Krista was most looking forward to having spent the day at Daniel’s side. Chills, right? Krista may your utter joy and happiness at spending your life as the side of Daniel be an inspiration for all! Enjoy!