Come rain or come shine – Natalie & Charles at New York Botanical Gardens

By May 31, 2012Weddings

I got it within 3 blocks of dropping off my luggage, putting on my sneakers and stepping out into the rainy Brooklyn evening –  I ♥ NY. I don’t know if it was the crowded sidewalk despite the warm May evening rain, the dogwood in bloom or the promise of a weekend spent capturing Natalie, Charles with their family & friends celebrating marriage NY-style. Whatever it was, I got IT – I ♥ NY and IT stuck. There are many different stories to share about Natalie and Charles – the way Natalie’s best friends, Lia and Matt, picked Charles out at the Cal law library as a good match for her, the spontaneous engagement in Egypt that included a late night rush to the local marketplace to search out an engagement ring that they negotiated down from $30 to $18 or how classically beautiful the two fit together, Natalie working with smart inner-city school kids to get the education they deserve or Charles commitment to a just marketplace as an Anti-trust lawyer BUT I’m going to talk about something completely different.


I want to tell you about Natalie & Charles extraordinary commitment to appreciate what is. The night before their wedding was the clincher. Imagine this – an open-top tour bus taking their friends and guests on a tour of NYC when out of nowhere a thunderstorm, drenching them and their guests Did it ruin the night? Nope. In fact it was Natalie and Charles positive attitude that transformed what could have been a disaster into an adventure. Come Rain or Shine is their sweet motto and I think it is not only in regards to the erratic NYC weather but to their lives as a whole.


You’re gonna love me like nobody’s loved me, Come rain or come shine.

Happy together, unhappy together And won’t that be fine.

Days may be cloudy or sunny, We’re in or we’re out of the money

But I’m with you always. I’m with you rain or shine.