Where love exists – Christine & Rosario at Westin St. Francis

By May 21, 2012Weddings

The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things. ~Pope St. Gregory the Great

The proof of Christine and Rosario’s love is evident in the great beauty of their wedding day. Rosario’s family was in on the making of our glorious city. Having helped build the epically beautiful St. Peter and Paul Church and  The Historic Westin St. Francis, it is no surprise that Christine and Rosario fit so perfectly into the elegance and the grandeur. Given what a beautiful and smart woman Christine is and what a man’s man Rosario is the highlight of the day was his toast to his new wife. Once, twice, three times his voice cracked as he tried to express his love and appreciation. I still get chills when I remember it. Thank you for having us capture your wedding and the start of what no doubt will be a great thing. Enjoy.