Charlie & Family – Beware; falling in love is likely!

By May 17, 2012Madly in Love

As much as I love creating gorgeous photographs of families and couples and individuals and groups, it is the relationships I create with the subjects that give me the most “juice”. If you know me, you know that I believe love is the greatest experience we can have as human beings and the coolest thing I’ve discovered about love is that regardless if you are the giver or the receiver the experience of love itself is equally enlivening and joyful. It is through the awesome gift of photography and the way that I see people that I’m able to express my love.  YOU won’t be able to resist falling in love with Charlie and his family in this next series of photos, really, you won’t! It is my gift to you this experience of love and it is with huge love to Cathy and Pete (Charlie’s parents) that I say thank you for having me capture your love and your life and your beautiful son!