It just keeps getting better – Audrey & Jason at Greens

By May 21, 2012Weddings

I fell in Love with Audrey and Jason the first time I met them. They smile generously and are simultaneously easy going and clear about what they want. I fall in love with my clients often and have the incredible fortune of attracting clients that are vibrant and authentically happy and in love. Add to that gorgeous locations and event planners that are amazing and you pretty much can understand why I love my work! The first wedding I captured professionally was at Greens Restaurant. It’s been over a decade now and this job (if I can call it that given how much fun I have and how much I love it) continues to inspire and excite and challenge and delight me.  The details may be the same – capturing the full experience of love and beauty between amazing people in beautiful locations and my attention is in a completely different place. No longer am I concerned about missing the kiss or having a camera malfunction or taking breathtaking portraits, experience tells me all of that will be handled. NOW, my attention is on creating a great relationship with my clients. One that will contribute to their experience of joy and fun and love both on the greatest day of their lives and into their future. What an awesome way to earn a living.

And with that I offer you the beautiful photos of Audrey and Jason. With all my LOVE. Enjoy.