Megan and Ryan in St. Lucia Part 2 – getting ready and the ceremony

By April 19, 2012Weddings

Do you mind if I brag for just a moment? I hope not because it would be a disservice to whatever it is that gave me the amazing life I have if I didn’t for a moment say something to the effect of “OMG! THIS IS MY LIFE!!!” <here imagine me jumping up and down in total utter joy>. Here’s what I get to brag about today – Megan and Ryan. Megan and Ryan are down-right awesome. They are both smart, articulate, great looking, fun, loving and supportive of their family & friends AND somehow by the grace of God, they asked ME to come and capture their wedding in St. Lucia. Yup, this is my life. Not only am I attracting the ideal clients, I’m getting to capture them on Caribbean shores – barefoot!!

Enough about me! Enjoy Megan and Ryan’s Wedding Ceremony. Reception and Dancing to follow.