Megan and Ryan in Paradise – Part 1 – Beachtime and Rehearsal

By April 12, 2012Weddings

Where do I began to share with you about Megan and Ryan’s wedding weekend experience? Do I start with the extraordinary group of friends and family that traveled to St. Lucia to spend a long weekend celebrating Ryan & Megan with long afternoons under palapas drinking rum cocktails, the amazing grounds and staff at Windjammer Landing, the rehearsal dinner to die for, Ryan’s eloquent and funny and smart and sincerely loving toast to Megan?

I’ll start with what they have to say about falling in love with each other –

From Megan – I spotted a tall, handsome man across the room the night before Fuji and Jo Ben’s wedding; when I told Denton I thought Ryan was cute, he made a beeline over to my future husband to tell him he was in.  Over the course of the weekend, I slowly came to understand that he was more than just tall and handsome- he was also smart, funny, and interesting.  I lured him to stay in LA for another day, and our story truly began.

From Ryan – Somewhere on the long straight stretch between Venice High School and a curiously named auto-body shop, I realized I was falling for her. Though she was driving us eastward, with the windows down I could still smell the ocean on the sun-drenched Sunday morning air.

She was speaking of Massachusetts and France, of Cotton Mather and Edith Wharton, of Janis Joplin being the inspiration for Janice in the Electric Mayhem, something about a night spent talking with Ben Harper in a bar. “I used to live down there,” she seemed to say every few miles, until I lost track. Her hair, I kept thinking. Her eyes.

A few hours later we were sharing a Black and White milkshake as I silently planned my next trip back from Houston to LA.

The Persian poet Hāfez once wrote, “Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”

That autumn morning, and every morning since, we have been lucky enough to find each other.