I feel like this most of the time with my clients, just like the song – “We are family”. Don’t get me wrong. I have an AWESOME family – mom, dad, step-mom, siblings (half, step and in law), nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles. They all inspire great feeling of love and joy in me.

And it is the same feelings of love and joy that are inspired in me in relation to my clients. In many cases, I spend a year getting to know them, learn about their families, capture the experience of their BEST DAY EVER, work with them a bit after and then we are distantly lovingly connected. However, in some cases, I get to continue to capture the experience of their lives and that is what I want to share about today. About Family. About the product of the Love that brought you together in marriage to begin with.

How better to illustrate the experience then with a few before and afters. In this case I think you’ll find the “befores” look just as beautiful, radiant and full of love as the “afters”. Enjoy!