Spotlight on The City Club of San Francisco

Spending a day and evening at The City Club of San Francisco is like taking a mini-vacation from the sleek, exciting and fast-paced textures of modern San Francisco living and discovering yourself in the softly paced and exquisitely considered beauty of Art-deco opulent San Francisco. From the epic chrome ballisters ascending to the 11th floor to the sweeping Diego Rivera mural (his first in the US) to the dramatic tin pounded ceilings, there is not a detail that leaves us short of “WOW!”

As a recommended vendor at The City Club, We have had the priviledge and pleasure of capturing several monumentally fun, elegant and joyful events at The City Club and are always impressed with how effortlessly the event team led by Michelle Huie Kimmins run the whole event with total grace and ease.

Michelle has successfully supported countless happy couples in having the Best Possible Wedding Day Experience so we thought she would be the perfect person to get a special tip from here is what she told usYour wedding day will go by so quickly, take time to step back and embrace the celebration sometime throughout the day, remember what brought you together in the first place and ENJOY it.’

Now it is your turn to ENJOY two gorgeous City Club Weddings. ENJOY!

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