Yael and Matt at The Four Seasons San Francisco

By September 21, 2012Weddings

As a photographer honed to feel and watch for the emotional impact of a wedding day, there are few that have the wildly excited, joyful and grounded in tradition quality that Yael and Matt’s has. Yael’s family is wonderfully close-knit and her mom Miriam is the kind of mother that is always looking to her children and grandchildren for how she can give more, love more, care more. The effect being a state of all’s good when she is around. Yael and Matt’s Four Season’sWedding incorporated one of my favorite Jewish traditions, a traditional tish and bedeken. Yael is well-wished by the women of her community while Matt is honored and toasted by the men until a sufficient amount of excitement and tension had built and he is led to her to the loud applause, music hooting and hollering of their guests, each moment filled with greater excitement. You can see feel it as he approached the longing, the joy, the readiness to begin their life together as a married couple and the whole communities total excitement and rambunctious joy! It is the total expression of the joy and delight and privilege at starting a life with someone – explosively beautiful and loudly wonderful. ENJOY!!