Megan and Ryan part 3; The Party!

By April 27, 2012Weddings

The day after Megan and Ryan’s wedding, I lounged out at the beach with the couple and their friends. It was then that I had a chance to speak intimately with Megan about Ryan and her relationship. As a scholar of intimacy and love and commitment, I’m always curious about people’s experiences and knowing how articulate and self-aware Megan is I thought it would be valuable to hear how her devotion, love for Ryan grew.

Megan described the first time they met, how much she liked Ryan and how without giving him her number or email within a few hours of their leaving one another, Ryan texted her to check her email. In her in-box she found Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1846 poem opening with – Give all to love;  Obey thy heart….

Megan says she just knew, at that moment and that the knowing was relaxed. Nothing dramatic about it. She never felt a moment of anxiety or uncertainty. Just an easy willingness to give all to love. And to have Ryan be the recipient. Beautiful. You can see it in her eyes in this first image. Just Beautiful. I’m so honored to have been witness to your love and your story, Megan and Ryan. Thank you!