David and Valerie Madly in Love and a little Hafiz

By January 25, 2012Madly in Love

Hafiz somehow knew how to strike a perfect cord of truth, beauty and love all at once. It is no coincidence that I posted the following Hafiz quote on my personal facebook page the same week that I captured David and Valerie Madly in Love.

One regret, dear world,
That I am determined
not to have

When I am
lying on my deathbed

Is that
I did not
kiss you enough.

When we first met to talk about their wedding in October, it took everything I had to stay on track and not get swept up into their palpable love and excitement. However, it was not until our Madly in Love portrait session in Golden Gate Park last weekend that I got to witness their awesome physical chemistry. One regret, dear world that these two lovers will not have on their death bed is that they did not kiss enough. Enjoy!!

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