Selfie Assured

How to become your own instagram husband.

A couple of months ago I was on a shoot with a client in New York and she asked me -“Who takes your photos?

The answer was not what she expected.

Yes, I do have professional photoshoots myself and when I do, I LOVE THEM but…

there are many many many moments in my life when I’m out in the World and want to capture my experience without a pro on hand so over the years I’ve been perfecting what I call the #professionalselfie

As much as I would love to be with my clients everywhere all the time, I can’t be so I thought what could I offer that would allow you to create your own great professional looking selfies and here it is…

This 90 minute virtual workshop is designed to give you all the tools you need to create insta-worthy photos anytime/anywhere, whether chilling at home or for those epic moments in life when you think “OMG, this is so amazing, I wish Wendy was here to help me capture it!”

For just $33,  you will walk away with

✔️  how to understand light and framing like a pro

✔️ how to take flattering photos while still looking natural (aka how to pose without it looking like you are posing)

✔️ what a “pro selfie set-up” looks like

✔️ post-production; simple insta editing tips that we all should know

Even as a professional photographer, it was years before I could take photos of myself that weren’t your awkward classic holding the camera at an unflattering distance trying to get some of the background.

Check out these BEFORE and AFTERs.

Ready to become your own instagram husband and have some fun?